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Fatimah Haroon

Fatimah began her professional career at the age of fifteen. She took off with her photography career. Fatimah moved to London at seventeen to study Film and Television at Central Saint Martins, which led to her getting into Film Marketing and Distribution for her post-grad. Fatimah has multiple years of experience in modern and conventional Marketing, SMM, content production, SEO, CRM, B2B, B2C, Public Relations, and Clientele. Fatimah is well-equipped with the correct aesthetics and knowledge required to catch the attention of your targeted audience. Fatimah has various excels at thinking out-of-the-box, problem-solving, conceptualizing, story-building and creating trending content in different mediums required for campaigns to reach their total capacity. Fatimah has multiple years of experience managing social media accounts and implementing influencer marketing strategies for widespread South Asian clientele.

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